To be a privileged facilitator between business,
expertise and innovation fields

Why are we able to fulfill this mission at best ?

The founder and his teams have a mix of operational, consulting, and IT experience, so we can intervene effectively in tackling these subjects.
The favorable Swiss environment and the proximity of EPFL gives direct access to the latest developments and resources in the world of innovation ecosystems.

Our trademark is our ability to quickly implement relevant improvements by the combination of theoretical and practical aspects. These improvements can be of various types and can be put together by addressing different areas such as organization, resource allocation, innovations, and enrichments related to data analysis, optimizations, process automation.

We set up internal project teams or offer targeted cooperation according to your needs, such as with the firm Boostpartners.

The founder

Olivier Houart

The desire to provide a service offer to family businesses linked to innovation strategies is a logical outcome of my career path.

It seems to me that the evolution towards open innovation ecosystems, mainly due to the multiplication of current technologies, requires actors who have several strings to their bow, namely important technical knowledge, and in my case digital, experience in corporate management positions and academic training on these subjects. My recent experience in strategy and innovation at MIT in Boston tends to confirm this impression and encourages me to accompany companies of all sizes in their positioning to face their future challenges and mobilize their resources.

Based on my experiences as Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEO, and digital entrepreneur, I want to share critical situations with family entrepreneurs and help unblock them. Using direct and sincere feedback and my ability to consider new perspectives.

For more information, I invite you to watch this video and go directly to my Linkedin profile.