Why a Digital Marketing Startegy
is vital for your business ?

For those who would doubt it, classic marketing is not dead and not all customers are digital yet.
On the other hand, Digital Marketing is becoming more and more important for companies of all types.

A brief overview of some of the improvements that its practice brings:

  • Brand awarness
  • Real-time client access
  • Customer Segments
  • Qualification and prioritization of prospects
  • Total customer life time value

The holy grail of marketing remains to be able to discover the causality of behaviors in order to interact with customers or prospects and lead them to desired repeatable behaviors. These behaviors can be buying behaviors, retention behaviors, or specific actions such as downloading a document.

The strength of online interactions is to have access to a much finer segmentation than traditional segmentations such as age or gender. Visitors can therefore be categorized according to the page visited, the source of traffic, the location, the type of click and many other components. For online conversions it is possible to track the entire chain leading to the act of purchase, which is extremely useful as data and for predicting customer behavior. This shift to digital marketing allows a high degree of personalization of marketing to the customer, compared to the old categorizations.
The link with offline actions is also very important in order to draw valid conclusions. This link is not easy to make but it is feasible or approximate in many cases.

The explosion of Digital Marketing is linked to the explosion of the number of data that will naturally lead to a desire to analyze them with processing and collection tools.

Keep in mind: digital gives access to data in addition to demographic data to behavioral data, location data, social network data.


The tool jungle or the validation of a huge market

You are wondering how you are going to do it if you don't master the latest marketing tool that allows you to manage the customer journey in real time?
Before you or your competitors manage to use this kind of tool properly, you need to have a very clean data model and have done your
strategic digital marketing work to know on which segments of the customer journey you want to position yourself.

You will find below a small glimpse of the plethora of tools in which you necessarily evolve, sensitive souls pass your way...
This is the report of Martech (a buzzword for the whole world of marketing technology) from Lumapartners.
All this describes a world that is expanding without restraint, which should encourage us all to do our homework in terms of strategy and competitive advantages so that we do not get lost in this jungle.

In this moving environment you have to implement your strategy step by step, on a testing mode to learn and correct quickly your actions.

Looking ahead

Current trends

The current developments in digital marketing are in the fields of video, mobile and the application of artificial intelligence, which are detailed below.


New generations are increasingly fond of video content.
Some studies show that the rate of conversion and interaction with video is increasing. Videos also enable storytelling and increase the ranking and visibility of your site.

Experimentation is also widely used in this category, so you need to be able to produce content and different versions quickly. For example, some providers produce video content in 48 hours.
There is also validation of the vertical video format in the mobile world.

Analytical tools for video are constantly improving and allow, for example, to analyse at what stage the viewer leaves the video or his interest drops off.


The mobile consultation of sites is becoming more and more frequent.
The increase in the preponderance of mobile in digital marketing is due to several factors

  • First of all, the accuracy of geolocation has greatly increased and we now speak in meters.
  • Secondly, the improvement of embedded cameras has changed user behavior, especially in the field of social media.
  • Finally, 5G will reinforce this trend.

The trend is to have an increasingly integrated and seamless experience. For example, real-time weather coupled with location allows you to change the information that is transmitted to you. Amazon Go ,for instance, is a shopping experience that allows you to do your shopping by offering a payment experience made easy at its simplest expression.

The latest developments are turning towards augmented reality, which gives marketers a new field of possibilities.

Here again, analysis tools are adapting, and Google is giving priority to the mobile experience in its ranking.

Artificial Intelligence

The applications of artificial intelligence are numerous and if we have to synthesize the evolutions in this field we will say that they tend to provide
an integrated marketing experience that is the least invasive and most effective possible. For example, the actions generated by this kind of algorithm will avoid bombarding you with messages at times when you are not available: with your children, in transportation etc...

The classic difficulty of artificial intelligence is to formulate the objectives to be reached by the machine, which can otherwise find inadequate solutions in relation to your objective. It is also not easy to find a supplier capable of integrating these latest advances into your environment.

The fields of application are vast and include: voice search, content generation, various customizations (segmentation, remarketing, advertising, leads, discounts, maximizing retention etc...).

Declarative marketing

The new regulations increase the respect of privacy and there is a certain rise in declarative data that we find interesting to follow.

The marketing job

It is an industry undergoing an incredibly strong transformation and we can expect a generational shift in marketing jobs from traditional media management to managers comfortable with data analysis, interpretation and the use of digital marketing channels.