Be an innovation engine by
offering consulting services to companies

That's the mission we've set for ourselves.

Smartoperations combines corporate innovation strategies with the latest advances in digitalization in order to federate the different players and to position these companies to face their future challenges.

Innovation is relevant to all sectors, but the issues differ depending on the size of the company, its objectives and ambitions and its internal and external environments. All of these parameters must be taken into account in order to maximize the chances of success of an innovation process from its conception, through the selection of projects, interactions with innovative ecosystems, while implementing it efficiently and realistically in the company.

On this site you will find information on these topics, our approach and hopefully the desire to exchange with us in more detail on these enthralling themes.


innovation strategy

What kind of innovation strategies for your company ?
How can we help you to tackle this issue ?



Our definition and a description of the startups toolkits that we use on innovation subjects.


digital innovation

An illustration of the digital innovation domains and their contribution to company performances.

Our References

Managing Director of a public transport group

«We were convinced by the knowledge of the teams on the subjects of innovation and the pragmatic approach adopted to implement them in our environment.»

Managing Director of a company in the street furniture business

«The SmartOperations approach appealed to me because the link with the teams in place was natural and they vulgarised the subjects of digital innovation by positioning themselves at the right level.»

Swiss director in the automotive industry.

«In their approach to the innovation strategy, the team set up by SmartOperations was highly motivated and motivating. The risk assessment was also addressed in a very professional manner.»