Data Analysis

A pragmatic technical approach
in order to reveal the potential lying in your Data

Capitalize on your Data step by step

The number of data in circulation is constantly increasing. Organizations must constantly adapt in order to capture these flows, which are not necessarily structured. Today, there are many tools available to analyze different levels of complexity and according to the maturity of the company.

The difficulties are not focused on technology, but on the ability to repeat a systematic approach that improves the company's performance and competitiveness. Data analysis and metrics projects are at the heart of performance improvement and enable decisions to be made in today's world where both customers and competitors are constantly using information flows.

These analyses can concern many areas : Supply Chain and Logistics, sales forecasting, dynamic pricing, predictive analysis and we can also assist you in setting up an internal team to process your data.

Our Expertise

A focus in the fields
of Manufacturing, Logistics and Supply Chain

Enhance your Operations

Our experience has given us a strong expertise in these business fields. We have carried out numerous missions in these sectors :
the implementation of ERP or Supply Chain management software, inventory management, distribution schemes, Transport and Logistics tenders.
Due to our profiles mixing consulting and operations, our approach is very pragmatic in its execution and aims to achieve concrete results as soon as possible.

Data analysis applies to all fields of the company, and when combined with business analysis, it provides much greater efficiency.
This begins when defining the objectives of an assignment, is confirmed when developing hypotheses and scenarios and when interpreting data.


Be a valuable facilitator between
business, expertise and the field of Data Sciences

Why are we able to deliver this mission ?

The founder and his teams have a mix of operational experience, consulting and IT that allows them to deal effectively with these topics.
The favourable Swiss environment and the proximity of EPFL give direct access to the latest developments and resources in the world of Data Science.

Our strength is based on the ability to quickly deploy relevant improvements. These enhancements can be of various kinds and they can combine by touching different areas such as those of the organization, resource utilization, innovations and enhancements related to data analysis, optimizations, process automation.

Olivier Houart's experience as CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors enables him to communicate in a relevant manner at the executive level on these subjects, which can quickly become very complex.